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Email Hosting Service

Focus on your business rather than worry about your email system: leave that to Anny tech! Access your accounts through Web Mail or the email application you’re already familiar with. Anny Tech offers a variety of robust and feature rich email solutions that are customizable and scalable to suit your requirements.

Customized and secure email solutions for your business

Anny Tech is Top & Best E-mail Hosting Agency. Email hosting is a unique process through which your email messages and associated files are all stored on a server. Through email hosting the email that you receive to your website’s domain address, it is routed across the internet and stored on the recipient server. After this the administrator at the server will determine which action to take (reply or ignore) bearing in mind any spam filters, re-routing requests and if the sender is on any blacklists. Email hosting is a solution focused primarily on email servers. This service is altogether different and independent from website hosting, hence your business will still operate at full scale even while you’re setting everything up.

Are Looking for reliable e-mail hosting services?
We provide cheap email hosting because we own our hardware and infrastructure and we are not resellers of any other web hosting company.

Anny Tech is a growing web hosting company with its own in-house security solutions and scalable hosting options. We mainly focus on secure and fast hosting and provide shared, WordPress, reseller, VPS, and dedicated server hosting options. With such a big list of services, we have the capability to serve both small and big websites as well as provide them with all the resources to grow.

Features and benefits of our e-mail hosting services
1. Get your choice of storage and backup: With email hosting in addition to your choice of mailbox size email storage, your emails are backed up in our top class state-of-the-art infrastructure so that you never lose important emails.
2. Access email from anywhere: Our email clients supported are beautiful and designed with a user friendly approach. You can also access these emails on your smartphone or tablet.
3. Inbuilt Virus Protection: Our advanced anti-virus technology secures your inbox and ensures that you are protected from downloading malware and viruses.
4. 99% Uptime and Security: Our hosting services are 100% secure and 99% running. We have the quality of industry-grade mail storage which guarantees zero data loss and redundancy.

  • Manage E-mail Accounts

    When it comes to email, this tool is your first stop. Create new email accounts, modify passwords, set mailbox sizes, access webmail, configure email clients, and delete accounts.

  • Forwarders

    Save time by routing multiple emails into one account. A customer can setup as many forwarders as they need to cut down on time checking different email accounts.

  • Webmail

    Access email from any computer at any time. As long as there is an internet connection, and access to a browser, users can easily view and reply to emails.

  • MX Entry Modification

    This tool allows for a custom mail exchanger to be setup for a domain. From the MX control panel, emails can be used for routing or backing up the mail exchanger.

  • Auto Responders

    These are especially useful when time away from a computer or internet access is expected. Like going on vacation. Auto responders can even be set with a custom reply message.

  • Account Level Filtering

    Set filters to match specified rules against actions such as moving the email to a specific folder, disregard, redirect, and more! This saves time by having emails automatically routed to specified destinations.

  • User Level Filtering

    This works like Account Level Filtering, however it allows individual users to set their own filters.

  • Mail Delivery Route

    This tool is helpful for troubleshooting issues. The control panel interface allows users to view the path that an email takes from a local server to a remote email address.

  • Import Addresses/Forwarders

    Manually creating individual email accounts can be a hassle. cPanel’s Import Address feature makes this a breeze. Email lists can be created in either CSV or XLS format and then uploaded. This makes future account modifications an easy task. Also, creating email forwarders can be done in the same manner.

  • SpamAssassin

    Spam is an unwelcome annoyance to any person. With SpamAssassin, email filtering is automatic. Options include auto-deletion of spam, configuring Whitelist and Blacklists, and setting score ratings on different filters.

  • Default Address

    This feature routes any email sent to a non-existing email address to any specified email. This is useful if a customer misspells an email address. So instead of losing an email, it will get routed and placed in someones inbox.

  • Email Authentification

    Email authentification helps to keep your emails safe and prevent others from sending spam from your email address by “spoofing” it.

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