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You Can Now Customize Windows 11’s Look With WindowBlinds


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    WindowBlinds is a popular application for customizing the look and feel of Windows, which has been developed by Stardock since 1998. Now there’s finally a release for Windows 11.

    Stardock has released a beta version of WindowBlinds 11, the first version to fully support Windows 11. Just like previous versions, you can apply custom skins to the entire operating system, easily change system fonts, and design your own skins if you don’t like the existing library. There are a few new features besides Windows 11 support, though — automatic dark mode is available, DPI scaling works better, and there’s an integrated browser for finding skins.

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    You can drastically change the look of your PC with WindowBlinds, even down to completely replacing the Start Menu, like Classic Shell (which isn’t updated for Windows 11) or Start11 (also from Stardock). There are themes available that mimic the appearance of Windows XP or Windows 7, as well as more modern skins that can just provide a fresh look.

    WindowBlinds 11 Betan image

    You can try out the WindowBlinds 11 Beta from the Stardock website. There’s a free trial available, and the regular cost is $14.99.

    Source: Stardock
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