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How to Hold Anonymous Polls and Q&A Sessions in Google Meet


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    If you want to encourage greater participation in your Google Meet calls, consider allowing participants to respond anonymously. You can do this for Q&A sessions and polls.

    You might be holding a Google Meet with a large number of participants, a public meeting, or a call across your various company regions. By allowing anonymity, attendees may feel more apt to participate when asking questions and responding to polls.

    Note: As of August 2022, Google reports that you need one of these Google Workspace account to use the feature: Essentials, Business Standard or Plus, Enterprise Starter, Essentials, Standard, or Plus, Teaching and Learning Upgrade, Education Plus, Nonprofits, or a legacy G Suite Business account. Google Individual Workspace subscribers can also use the anonymous feature for polls.

    Allow Anonymous Responses for Questions

    When you set up a Q&A session in Google Meet, you can choose to allow anonymity. 

    Select the Activities icon on the bottom right and select “Q&A.” 

    Q&A in the Activities list

    Choose “Turn on Q&A” to begin allowing questions.

    Turn on Q&A in Google Meet

    Then, click the gear icon on the top right to view the settings. Turn on the toggle for Allow Anonymous Questions (Q&A). Use the X on the top right to exit the settings and return to your meeting.

    Allow anonymous questions toggle in Google Meet

    You can disable the anonymous answer setting after you start the Q&A session if you like. Simply return to the same area in the Activities and turn off the toggle. Note that any anonymous questions asked before you disable the option remain without a name in the meeting and Questions report.

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    Allow Anonymous Responses for Polls

    If you want to conduct a poll in Google Meet, you can easily allow responses without names. Different than with Q&A, this is all-encompassing. Once you enable anonymous responses for polls, all answers submitted are anonymous.

    Select the Activities icon on the bottom right.

    Select “Polls” and choose “Start a Poll” to set up your question and answer options. 

    Start a poll in the Polls section of Activities

    Turn on the toggle for Responses Appear Without Names. 

    Toggle for Responses Appear Without Names for a poll

    Then, continue to Launch or Save your poll as you normally would. You cannot disable the anonymous answer setting after you launch the poll.

    How Participants Respond Anonymously

    It’s easy for participants to ask questions and respond to polls anonymously. Before they submit their question, they simply check the box for Post Anonymously for questions. As mentioned above, all poll responses are automatically anonymous with the feature enabled.

    Respond anonymously in Google Meet

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    Anonymous Responses in the Questions and Polls Reports

    If you’ve held a Q&A session or conducted a poll in Google Meet, then you’re likely familiar with the reports you receive for responses after the meeting ends.

    For any questions asked, you’ll see Anonymous for the name in the Questions report. 

    Questions Report with anonymous responses

    For polls, you simply won’t see a field for names in the Polling Results report. 

    Polling Report without names

    Sometimes it can be difficult to get people to participate in a meeting. For your next Google Meet where you don’t need the participants’ names, consider allowing anonymous questions and poll answers.


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