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What Is Google One, and Is It Worth Paying For? – Review Geek


    The Google One logo over a bunch of Google products.

    At a glance, the Google One service can be a bit confusing. It’s more than just a simple cloud storage plan, as it’s utilized by several of Google’s apps and services. But with just a bit of information, you won’t have any trouble understanding how Google One works or why it’s important.

    Google One Unlocks More Cloud Storage

    By default, your Google account comes with 15GB of cloud storage. But this storage is shared by all of your Google apps, including Gmail, Photos, and Drive. If you regularly use these services, you will eventually run out of storage space.

    A Google One subscription lets you add between 100GB and 30TB of storage to your Google account, depending on how much you’re willing to pay. You can share Google One storage with up to five people for no additional charge, or simply hog all the storage space for yourself. (Sharing Google One storage does not give you access to another user’s emails, photos, or Drive.)

    In other words, Google One is similar to Apple’s iCloud service. You can even use Google One storage to back up your Android phone, though technically speaking, the free 15GB of storage in your Google account is more than enough to back up contacts and other basic information.

    Most people use Google One to increase the storage space of Google Photos or Google Drive. These services let you automatically back up and access important files, similar to Dropbox or iCloud.

    But if you use Google services for work or school, you may need a Google One subscription. Hardcore Gmail or Google Docs users tend to blow through the 15GB of storage that comes with their Google account.

    For clarity, you can’t “buy more Google Drive storage” anymore. Cloud storage is tied to your Google account and shared by all of your Google apps. A Google One subscription simply increases the amount of storage available to your account.

    Plus, Google One Gives You Some Extra Perks

    Someone tries to use a Google Photos filter only to see a warning that it requires Google One.

    Most cloud storage plans come with extra perks, and Google One isn’t any different. Your Google One subscription includes things like 24/7 tech support and random free stuff from Google, including coupons and Google Play credits.

    Here are all the additional Google One perks:

    • Tech Support: A Google One subscription unlocks 24/7 tech support. You can contact tech support via phone call, email, message, or the Google One app.
    • Google Photos Features: All Google One subscribers can use special editing tools in Google Photos, including an automatic background blur filter. (Note that these editing tools are free if you use a Pixel phone.)
    • Discounts on Hotels: Sign into the account associated with your Google One subscription to see discounted hotel rooms in Google Search.
    • Random Free Stuff: Google One subscribers occasionally get free coupons, Google Play credits, and Nest Mini smart speakers. These offers are usually sent via email.
    • Cash Back: Customers paying for at least 200GB of Google One storage get 3% back in credits for purchases in the Google Store. And you get 10% back if you pay for at least 2TB of storage.
    • A Decent VPN: If you pay for 2TB of storage (or more), you can use Google’s VPN on your Android device or iPhone.
    • Google Workspace Premium: Members with 2TB or more storage get additional features for Google Meet, such as 24-hour group calls and noise cancelation.

    Note that some of these perks, such as Google’s VPN, require 2TB or more of storage. These expensive plans are best for power users and families. Most people will be fine with 100GB or 200GB of Google One storage—you can always upgrade or downgrade later.

    How Much Does Google One Cost?

    an image of Google One pricing plans.

    Note: This section was last updated on September 26th, 2022.

    Pricing for Google One may change depending on your location. The following prices and plans are offered in the United States:

    • 15GB: Free and included with all Google accounts.
    • 100GB: $2 a month or $20 a year
    • 200GB: $3 a month or $30 a year
    • 2TB: $10 a month or $100 a year
    • 5TB: $25 a month or $250 a year
    • 10TB: $50 a month
    • 20TB: $100 a month
    • 30TB: $150 a month

    As you may have noticed, an annual plan will save you some money on Google One. But the most expensive tiers are only available with monthly billing.

    Bear in mind that the 5TB, 10TB, 20TB, and 30TB plans are only offered in select regions.

    Is Google One Worth It?

    The Google One app on a mobile device.

    Most people need some kind of cloud storage solution. And if you use Google services to write documents, back up photos, share files, or send a ton of emails, a Google One subscription might be the way to go.

    Now, for the average person, I’d suggest just 100GB or 200GB of Google One storage. These plans cost a few dollars each month, and they ensure that you won’t run out of space for photos, documents, or emails.

    Those who hope to share Google One with family or friends should join a more expensive plan. And  if you want to use Google Drive as a Dropbox alternative, you should seriously consider the 2TB subscription tier.

    To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with using multiple cloud storage solutions. Some people buy Google One just to store more images in Google Photos, for example, yet they continue to use Dropbox or another service for large files and backups.

    How Do You Cancel Google One?

    The Google One logo crossed out with a big red X.

    To manage or cancel your Google One plan, simply open the Google One dashboard in your browser. Then, click “Settings” and select “Cancel Plan.” You can also do this through the Google One app on iOS or Android.

    If you choose to cancel Google One, your account will revert back to the default 15GB of storage (at the end of your billing cycle). And yes, this will cause problems if you have over 15GB of files or emails associated with your account—Google may keep your files safe for a few months, but eventually, it will delete content from Photos, Drive, and Gmail.

    So, you may need to archive important files from Drive or Photos before canceling Google One. Your best bet is to install the Google Drive desktop app and move important files to your computer. You can then transfer these files to a different cloud service or an external drive.


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