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How to Customize the Clock on the Android Lock Screen


    Samsung Always on Display clock.

    The lock screen is often the first thing you see when you pick up your phone, and the clock is front and center. Depending on your Android device, you can customize the look of the clock. We’ll show you how.

    Sadly, many Android devices don’t have great lock screen customization options. It’s certainly a far cry from the iPhone lock screen in iOS 16. However, if you have a Samsung phone, your options are a little better.

    Customize the Clock on Google Pixel

    Google gives you very barebones options for tweaking the clock on the lock screen. You can either have a large “double-line” clock or a smaller single-line clock.

    Big and small Pixel clocks.

    First, swipe down twice from the top of the screen and tap the gear icon.

    Next, go to the “Display” section.

    Select "Display."

    Now select “Lock Screen.”

    Select "Lock Screen."

    Toggle “Double-Line Clock” on or off.

    Toggle off "Double-Line clock."

    To further customize the lock screen clock, you’ll want to mess around with the theme colors. The clock reflects the colors from your wallpaper.

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    Customize the Clock on Samsung Galaxy

    Samsung Galaxy devices have a few different clock styles for the lock screen to choose from. The color of the clock can also be tweaked.

    First, swipe down once from the top of the screen and tap the gear icon.

    Now go to the “Lock Screen” settings.

    Select "Lock Screen."

    Next, select “Clock Style.”

    Go to "Clock Style."

    You’ll see a few clock styles to choose from and you can pick the color of the clock as well. The color with the “A” icon keeps the clock matching the system color palette.

    Choose a style and color.

    Tap “Done” when you’re finished customizing.

    Tap "Done."

    While you may not have a ton of options, there are some simple tweaks you can make. Samsung Galaxy owners can take it even further with the Lock Star module from Good Lock. The lock screen is what everyone can see, so make it look good.

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