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This AI Art Gallery Is Even Better Than Using a Generator


    Gallery of AI art on Lexica

    Artificial intelligence art generators are cool, but it can take a while to generate art, and you might eventually run out of ideas. Lexica is here to save the day, with an extensive gallery of AI art to browse through.

    Lexica is a search engine and art gallery for artwork created with Stable Diffusion, one of the more popular AI art models. The site was created by Sharif Shameem, who hopes it “makes Stable Diffusion prompting a bit less of a dark art and more of a science.” Once you navigate to in your browser, you can scroll down to check out recently-uploaded art. Clicking on an image will reveal the entire prompt used to generate the artwork, as well as seed information.

    Kermit the frog as a computer hacker, wearing a hoodie in a dim data center over a computer screen glowing, cyberpunk unreal 4k muppet digital art
    Kermit the Frog artwork in Lexica

    The best feature of Lexica is the search bar, which can be used to search for specific prompts or prompt elements. If someone has already created artwork similar to your search query, the experience is like using an art generator without waiting a minute (or more) for the results. Lexica claims it has indexed over ten million Stable Diffusion images, so there’s a good chance that someone has already tried what you’re looking for — or something close to it.

    Lexica is an excellent way to check out what is possible with AI artwork, especially if you have struggled with prompts in AI generators — seeing the exact prompts used for each image can help you understand what works best. The only catch is that the Stable Diffusion model is rapidly improving, so many images in the database weren’t created with the latest and greatest versions.

    You can check out in your browser to get started. Be careful browsing it while at work or in public, though — just like art made by real humans, there is occasionally some nudity.


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