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Loved ‘House of the Dragon’? Read These Books Between Episodes – LifeSavvy


    Book covers for "Fire & Blood," "The Eye of the World," and "The Inheritance Trilogy"
    Bantam/Tor Books/Orbit

    HBO’s House of the Dragon is the latest book-to-TV adaptation to make a big splash. The Game of Thrones prequel follows House Targaryen centuries earlier, at the height of their power, as a battle for power threatens to destroy the royal house from within.

    With House of the Dragon taking a weekly release approach, rather than a binge-watch model, there’s plenty of time in between episodes—and what better way to fill the time than by reading books with a similar feel? Whether you’re looking for another tangled web of political intrigue, some sci-fi and fantasy, or a little of both, these books are perfect to hold you over between episodes of House of the Dragon.


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