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Android Apps on Windows 11 Are Getting Smoother


    Windows 11 wallpaper with Android robot.

    The Windows Subsystem for Android is a feature in Windows 11 for running Android applications and games on your PC. Microsoft has rolled out many improvements since launch, and now another update is in the works.

    Microsoft has released an update to the Windows Subsystem for Android to everyone in the Windows Insider program. There aren’t any significant new features this time around, like the update from Android 11 to 12.1 back in May, but it does have many bug fixes and performance improvements. Microsoft has fixed problems with networking, the clipboard (particularly when copying and pasting large files), and “App Not Responding (ANR) errors. The built-in web rendering engine has also been updated to Chromium 104, and there are new security patches for the Linux kernel. Microsoft didn’t mention the current Android security patch level.

    Importantly, the update also contains “general graphics improvements,” and smoother scrolling for apps. That could go a long way towards making Android apps and games feel more usable on PCs. The Subsystem is already impressive, given it can run apps and games designed for a smartphone through a transparent virtualization layer, but it’s still not perfect.

    It’s not clear when the latest Windows Subsystem for Android update will roll out to all Windows 11 computers — Microsoft is giving Windows Insiders time to find bugs first.

    Source: Windows Insider Blog


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