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3 examples of brands using cross-channel tactics to drive real results

    There’s no doubt that getting cross chanel marketing right takes time. Even the pros don’t always know what will work until they try something. Adding to the complexity is the “fun” of figuring out which type of content works for different channels. As I discussed in myprevious post , studying companies that have had success with cross- channel marketing campign scan help.

    And the more examples you have at your disposal, the better! At least that’s the conventional wisdom, since effective marketing tactics vary between products and services, industries, and audiences. While the answer to the question “What does it take to develop good cross-channel marketing campaigns?” is “It depends,” there are brands that seem to nearly always get good results.

    Here are three more examples to get your creative juices flowing.

    1. M&M’s

    OK, you might be thinking that chocolate sells itself. Why go to the trouble of coming up with a cross- channel marketing campignwhen you’ve got a perennially popular product? Arguably, though, M&Ms owes much of its success to the brands lineup of mascots  M&Ms leverages this lineup in TV ads, social media, and product packaging.

    One of the M&M’s mascots, Yellow, played a central role in the brand’s successful “Come Together” cross-channel marketing campaign. Yellow invited fans to watch M&M’s 2020 Super Bowl ad on social media before it aired. Viewers and social media followers were encouraged to use campaign hashtags like #MMSTogether on shared posts. The Super Bowl ad portrayed different people using M&M’s to say they were sorry for their social mishaps.

    Once the Super Bowl was over, M&M’s kept showing snippets of thecome together spot on its social media pages. The brand also held a sweepstakes with candy as the prize. The result was higher than average the recall and audience engagement. The “Come Together” campaign is an example of breathing new life into a mainstay brand while staying true to its core values.

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    2. State Farm

    Until State Farm launched its cross-channel marketing ventures, the brand was best known for its famous slogan. State Farm’s tagline aligned the brand with notions of a good neighbor and dependability. Yet it’s the character of Jake that has highlighted the insurance company’s humorous side and increased its appeal among younger demographics.

    Jake from State Farm may have made his debut in 2011, but he made a comeback for a cross-channel brand modernization campaign in 2020. The campaign’s combination of television and digital adds , social media posts, and Sponsorships  led to a additional 1.5 million auto insurance policy signups.

    State Farm experienced this record growth during the height of the pandemic thanks in part to its COVID relief program, which it touted using ads shot in its associates’ homes. The company’s brand refresh also won State Farm a spot in Ad Age’s Marketers of the Year for 2020.

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    3. Apple

    Marketing professionals in nearly every industry study these tech gaint’s ads and campaigns. It’s easy to see why, given its catchy taglines, clean but stunning website designs, and the long lines outside retail stores for new iPhone launches. But unlike most brands’ strategies, Apple’s online store and digital marketing  don’t supplement its brick-and-mortar network. Instead, it’s the other way around.

    Apple uses a consistent brand image across multiple channels to drive demand and build ongoing enthusiasm for its products. From traditional and digital ads to the brand’s mobile app and website, people instantly recognize something produced by Apple. Even the stores replicate a simple look and use in-person behaviors to help drive digital purchases at a later date.

    The result is an ever growing share of the U.S. smartphone market. Apple currently claims more than half of it. Sustained growth in U.S. smartphone users has also gone up for the brand by 23% since 2012.

    Valuable insights

    Cross-channel marketing isn’t just another way to sell your products and services. It’s a way to build on your brand’s identity and create aloyal following . While a consistent theme and content are key, effective brand-building campaigns find ways to engage audiences across different channels. By syncing marketing activities and messages, cross-channel tactics help brands rise to the top of consumers’ minds and purchase lists.

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