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5 Tricks every junior developer should follow to stand out

    Being a junior developer in a highly competitive field can be tough. It is very important to stand out. Hence, junior developers must do these things to improve their chances of outshining in the industry.

    When you first start as a Junior Developer in the world of computer programming, you will quickly realise that you will be up against a lot of competition. It is not uncommon to see job ads for entry-level positions with a large number of applications. So, how do you distinguish yourself among so many other applicants?

    Here are the top five things you can do to improve your chances:

    1. Revise your resume

    While this may appear to be a simple task, you’d be surprised how many people fail to research how to optimise their resumes. Recruiters must sift through hundreds of resumes for each job posting, so organising yours so that the most important information is at the top will increase your chances of being noticed. Resumes should never be longer than one page, especially if you are a junior developer. It is also important to arrange your sections in the correct order.

    2. Make your website
    Resumes are helpful, but you know what’s even more useful? A web page! Creating your website is a great way to advertise yourself and show off your developer skills. This is also an excellent way to get your name on Google, which can help to lend credibility to your personal “branding.”

    3. Participate in GitHub and Stack Overflow
    Maintaining an active profile on both GitHub and Stack Overflow is another good way to demonstrate to employers that you’re a good developer. Activity on GitHub is a great way to demonstrate your perseverance as well as the various projects you’re working on. On the other hand, activity on Stack Overflow demonstrates your knowledge while also demonstrating to employers that you enjoy assisting others. Junior developers may be discouraged from participating on Stack Overflow because they believe that all of the answers will be beyond their level, but there will be questions that you will have the answers to on occasion.

    4. Write articles
    Articles are an excellent way to demonstrate your expertise as a developer and get your name out there. Articles are the foundation of off-page SEO and will greatly improve the ranking of any relevant links you have. Later on, you may even be able to earn some extra money on the side simply by writing.

    5. Never, ever stop learning
    The world of software development is fast-paced, and technology is constantly evolving. Maintain an awareness of changing trends in the software development world and devote some time to learning something new regularly. Being familiar with a variety of technologies can help you ace that first-round interview. It will also help you later in your career when deciding which technology to use for a specific task.

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