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Top 7 websites every developer must know about

    Developers require to refer to various websites to enhance their work or to gain more knowledge about the project they are working on. These websites provide solutions and insights to developers to make them do their work in a better way.

    There are numerous websites that can help developers with their work. Everyone does not know everything. In this article, we’ll look at some must-see killer websites for developers.

    1. DevDocs
    DevDocs organises API documentation into a single, searchable interface. You’ll find documentation for a variety of programming languages and technologies all in one place.

    This website allows you to take beautiful code screenshots. It also includes a dark mode and preloaded themes for various programming languages. You can also use its Visual Studio Code extension.

    This website is helpful for developers who want to share photos of their tweets on social media. The website converts your tweet into a beautiful, editable design.

    This website offers roadmaps, guidelines, and other educational content to help developers decide on a course of action and direct their learning. It is extremely beneficial to both beginners and learners who require guidance.

    5. LambdaTest
    LambdaTest is a cloud-based cross-browser testing platform that allows you to test web applications across over 2000 browsers, operating systems, and devices. LambdaTest allows you to manually and automatically test cross-browser compatibility.

    6. Showwcase
    Showwcase is a new social media website explicitly designed for coders to connect, build community, and discover new opportunities. It’s a platform similar to LinkedIn, but it’s only for developers.

    You can improve your web development skills by learning CSS fundamentals from this website. CSS is what makes web pages look beautiful if you didn’t already know.

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