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Tips for freshers to crack off-campus placements

    Many students during the pandemic were hit by not getting placed by their campus. Hence, they chose to opt for off-campus placements. Freshers need to follow a few tips to crack the off-campus placements.

    Amidst the pandemic, people faced a lot of challenges that they had never experienced before. Talking about students, the challenge that they faced was that of campus hiring. The majority of colleges were finding it difficult to place their students. Hence, students opted to choose the off-campus option.

    For IT students who did their studies in Tier 3 colleges, it was difficult for them to compete with students from Tier 1 colleges. Hence, here are some tips for freshers to crack off-campus placements:

    1. Create an impactful resume

    HR professionals spend only 6 to 7 seconds evaluating your resume. They will assess whether you have specific skills in this quick scan. As a result, you must produce an eye-catching CV to increase your chances of being chosen. A CV is the first point of contact with a recruiter, so make sure it’s great for showcasing your abilities.

    2. Have in-depth knowledge of core subjects
    Now that you’ve created an effective resume, the next step is to gain a detailed understanding of the basic subjects that may be questioned during your technical interview round to land an off-campus job. You must be familiar with the programming language shown on your CV.

    3. Practice questions that are frequently asked in an interview
    It is important to prepare all the frequently asked questions before you sit for an interview. Review questions on the internet that the company you are interviewing for frequently asks, and also take a hint about the responses other people have given so you get an idea of what to say.

    4. Improve your aptitude skills
    To gain a position at a product-based company (Amazon, Meta, Microsoft, etc.) or a service-based company (TCS, Accenture, Wipro, Infosys, Cognizant, etc.), three rounds are often conducted: aptitude and English, technical interview, and HR interview. Practice aptitude topics regularly to improve your chances of being chosen for an off-campus placement.

    5. Have a strong network
    It is important to maintain a solid network while applying for off-campus employment to stay up to date on the newest hiring trends. To increase your professional chances, you should network with your friends, teachers, and college seniors.