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Top 5 firms for data scientists to work for in 2022

    Every data scientist aspires to work with top companies that provide best-in-class services and assistance. Here are our top five picks for the best companies to work for as data scientists in 2022.

    Data science is rapidly emerging, as data is now an important asset for all organisations. It is a thriving field in information technology (IT) for extracting information from highly unstructured data and converting it to simple structured data.

    Every aspirant wants to work in data science, and companies are actively looking for skilled Data Scientists, Big Data Engineers, Artificial Intelligence Experts, and so on.

    If you want to start a career in data science, here is a list of the best companies for data scientists to work for in 2022.

    1. Genpact
    Genpact employs over 1500 data scientists who work in a centralised hub model with a primary focus on customer experience. This company seeks to develop underserved data scientists by involving them in Machine Learning Incubator and ML Upgrade projects. It’s one of the best companies to work for if you’re a data scientist.

    2. Accenture
    Accenturebelieves that large and complex organisations can benefit from using their own data, so they rely entirely on data scientists. Accenture will undoubtedly hire a data scientist who is passionate about characterising procedures and delivering them through the creative use of unified data.

    3. American Express
    American Express not only mandates a high number of learning hours, but it also provides all the assistance its employees may require to upskill. The firm is regarded as one of the best places to work, with an above-average median salary increase and band promotions every quarter.

    4. Walmart
    Women make up the majority of Walmart Global Tech India’s data science teams. The company provides one of the most paid leaves and a variety of flexi-benefits that allow employees to work from anywhere at any time. The company also provides a three-month sabbatical leave option.

    5. Lowe’s
    Lowe’s India provides a large number of paid leaves and a variety of flexi-benefits such as work flexibility, health benefits, counselling services, WFH setup reimbursement, and so on. In addition, the firm has implemented some of the best initiatives among all companies to improve women’s representation within the organisation.

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