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5 Cybersecurity threats you have never heard of

    With everyone being dependent on digital devices and remote working, there have been a high risk of cyberattacks. While some cyberattacks are known to everyone, some are unknown. Here’s a list of major cyberattacks that you might have not heard of.

    Cybersecurity  has been a matter of concern since the time everything shifted to online. Various companies and individuals have been prey to cyber-attacks done by hackers. Nowadays, cybersecurity threats have become more sophisticated and intense. This has been because everyone has shifted to remote working and have become dependent on digital devices.

    While there are certain threats that all cybersecurity professionals are well-aware of, there are certain attacks that they might have not heard of. Here’s a list of some of the major cybersecurity threats that no one has heard of:

    1. Federal aviation administration
    This is one of the major cybersecurity attacks that most people aren’t well aware of. In this attack, hackers target administrative systems by shutting down radar systems and also sending out false information to aircraft systems.

    2. SWIFT
    This is another cybersecurity attack that falls on this list. This attack was used to fool the US federal reserve to transfer the BCB funds to bad actors. SWIFT sends details of any transfer as a basic security measure to the printers of the financial institutions who made the request.

    3. Cloud computing vulnerabilities
    System vulnerabilities are the most common kind of cloud security vulnerabilities, and they can emerge for a variety of reasons. System vulnerabilities could occur through the incorporation of an insecure third-party application, or from improperly configured security tools within your cloud systems. To gain access to user accounts, the criminals look for cloud servers with no password, breach unpatched systems, and conduct brute-force attacks. Others employ cloud systems for crypto-jacking or coordinated DDoS attacks, while others try to plant ransomware or steal sensitive data.

    4. Ransomware
    This form of cyberattacks took place about three years ago. Through this cyberattack, the hackers were able to extort the US $6 million in payment. This resulted in approximately US $30 million worth of damage. Although something of this sort was experienced years ago, there is still a high probability that something of this sort can occur even now and there would be various other victims who would have become prey to this.

    5. Social engineering
    Social engineering is a broad term that refers to a variety of malicious attacks carried out through human interactions. In this cyberattack, the hacker utilises psychological manipulation to dupe victims into making security blunders or disclosing personal information.

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