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5 Best Robotics companies in India for RPA professionals

    If you are robotics enthusiasts, these Indian robotics firms are the best places to work and develop new skills. Continue reading to find out more.

    Robotics and automation technologies are in high demand in a variety of businesses these days. As a result, there has been an increase in the demand for robotics specialists with robotics abilities to meet the demands of today’s business. The best robotics firms in India for robotics enthusiasts are listed below.

    1. ABB
    ABB is a worldwide technology leader in industrial digitalization, focusing on addressing all main concerns. Client software is linked to the company’s robotics, automation, electrification, and motion portfolios. ABB is one of India’s top robotics firms, with annual salaries ranging from Rs 20.81 lakh to Rs 22.62 lakh.

    2. PayPal
    PayPal is a well-known online payment service provider in India, with a presence in over 200 countries. It’s a platform that allows top firms to receive money in over 100 different currencies. PayPal is one of India’s top employers, with salaries ranging from Rs 12.69 lakh to Rs 20 lakh per year for robotics professionals.

    3. TCS
    TCS is a large Indian IT company that provides automation services to a variety of sectors. RPA Developers at TCS are typically paid between Rs 4 lakh and Rs 5.38 lakh per year. TCS is a leading robotics company in India, specialising in data centre management, business process outsourcing, information technology, and strategic consulting.

    4. Keybuild Technologies
    Keybuild is a major software services provider with the goal of assisting clients in making a business impact through IT expenditures. Application development, on-demand IT, mobile apps, user experience, and payroll administration are all services provided by the firm. Keybuild pays robotics experts between Rs. 4.62 lakh and Rs. 4.98 lakh per year.

    5. Symphony Ventures
    Symphony Ventures is a professional services firm that delivers, designs, and manages contemporary business process services for clients. Symphony is a market leader in digital transformation services for businesses. Symphony Ventures, one of India’s leading robotics businesses, pays RPA developers between Rs 3.52 lakh and Rs 3.81 lakh per year.


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