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Google adds more actions and widgets for Chrome users – Details here

    The internet search giant Google has recently announced a set of new features to Chrome. These new features will help users find information easily while navigating through the web.

    The internet search giant Google has recently announced a set of new features to Chrome. These new features will help users find information easily while navigating through the web. While some features are available directly to all users, some users are rolled out for beta testers only.

    Google introduced a Journey feature for Chrome users that will group a user’s search history based on topics. This feature comes in quite handy for users who might be researching through multiple tabs as it will help them continue from where they left off. This feature will be rolled out in the latest version for Chrome desktop, allowing users to revisit their past searches that are grouped by topic. Google also added that when a user types a related word in the search bar or visits the Chrome History Journey page, they will be able to see the relevant sites that they visited, be it today or weeks ago.

    With users getting confused, Google cleared that Google Chrome History and Journey are two separate features. Google Journey essentially organises a users’ searches into relevant topics. Users will be able to see different topics sections in the Journey section from the latest to the earliest.

    Google also ensured that users will be in complete control of all the data that goes in the Journey section. Apart from this, users can also delete their items or even the entire activity in the Journey section, and can also turn off the Journey section.

    Additionally, Google also rolled out a feature that allows users to take actions directly from the address bar. Earlier, users could clear their browsing history directly from the action bar, but now, users can manage settings, view their chrome history, play the dino game, customise chrome, share the action tab, and also manage accessibility settings.

    Google also added new widgets for Android users. Now, Android users can do voice search, quickly start a text search, or even open the Incognito tab right from their home screen.

    Android users have to long-press the Chrome icon and select widgets to use the feature.

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    16 th fev 2022