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5 Games to learn CSS the fun way

    CSS Diner

    A very nice game that lets you learn CSS, very fast. Simply just complete all 32 challenges and make sure you understand the intuition.

    Grid Garden

    A web-based game that you have to fill in some CSS properties or values related to CSS Grid to either water the carrots, or to kill the weed plants.

    Flexbox Froggy

    A game for learning CSS flexbox. A fun way to learn how to format web content.

    CSS Challenges

    CSS Challenges is a resource that offers fun and playful ways to practice your CSS skills. You can do that by playing CSS challenges/riddles or by taking quizzes.

    Flexbox Zombies

    Each section of this game unravels part of the plot, gives you expertise over a new flexbox concept, and presents zombie survival challenges that force you to solidify your new skills as your life depends on it.


    Credit goes to :@SajalShlan