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Top Google Cloud Platform courses for beginners in 2022

    If you want to learn Google Cloud Platform and are looking for the best online courses, you’ve come to the right place.

    The GCP, or Google Cloud Platform, is a slightly late entrant in the world of public cloud computing. Still, it has completely changed the public cloud landscape in the last few years, particularly challenging AWS’s monopoly on cloud computing.

    It’s still not the most popular public cloud platform, like AWS, nor the corporate darling, like Microsoft Azure, but Google Cloud Platform’s performance, tools, and innovation are attracting more and more businesses.

    So, here are some of the best online courses for learning about the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

    1. GCP: Complete Google Data Engineer and Cloud Architect Guide
    This is one of the best online courses for learning the fundamentals of Google Cloud and its Big Data technologies and passing the Google Data Engineer and Google Cloud Experts Certification exams.

    This course will teach you the fundamentals of GCP, such as Compute Engine and App Engine, and their Big Data and Machine Learning tools, such as BigQuery, Bigtable, DataProc, Datalab, etc. TensorFlow, and Hadoop clusters. It is the best course for beginners who want to learn about Google Cloud Platforms and those who wish to prepare for the Google Data Engineer and Google Cloud Expert platforms.

    2. Developing Applications with Google Cloud Platform
    This is one of the most comprehensive online learning resources for the Google Cloud Platform. This Coursera specialisation is a set of four online courses that will teach you how to design, develop, and deploy applications that seamlessly integrate Google Cloud Platform components.

    The course is very hands-on and explains everything thoroughly. To create a scalable and intelligent cloud-native application, you will learn key GPC concepts such as compute engine, cloud storage, dataflow, and so on.

    The best thing about this specialisation is that Google Cloud Training provides the courses. I took this course and can attest to its high quality. They are simply too good in terms of both content and delivery.

    3. Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Certification
    It is one of the best online training courses for passing the prestigious Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer and Architect exam in content, presentation, and delivery.

    The course combines three aspects: Introduction to Google Cloud Platform, Google Certified Cloud Data Engineer, and Nigel Poulton’s Kubernetes deep dive, an essential topic for Google Cloud certifications.

    As a result, it’s also an excellent course for learning about Google’s cloud offering for beginners or anyone interested in GCP. The course also includes two practice exams to help you prepare for Google’s Associate Cloud Engineer certification exam.

    4. Machine Learning with TensorFlow on Google Cloud Platform
    This is yet another excellent specialisation for Data Scientists who want to deploy their machine learning models on Google Cloud to take advantage of TensorFlow and the performance provided by GCP.

    This specialisation, like the first, is provided by Google Cloud, making it a kind of official resource for learning Machine learning for Google Cloud Platform.
    The specialisation is made up of the five courses listed below

    • How Google does Machine Learning
    • Launching into Machine Learning
    • Intro to TensorFlow
    • Feature Engineering, and
    • Art and Science of Machine Learning

    5. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Fundamentals for Beginners
    Another excellent course for learning the Google Cloud Platform for beginners. It’s fantastic to learn Google Cloud Platform from the ground up. You will learn about key GCP services, their benefits and drawbacks, and when to use them in practice.

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