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12 podcasts every Software Developer should follow:

    1. Learn to Code With Me: Across over 100 episodes, Laurence Bradford has interviewed a wide variety of self-taught developers.

    2. JS Party: The JavaScript ecosystem is both massive and diverse. And so is this party of a podcast. Each week, a rotating panel of JavaScript veterans talk about new libraries, emerging best practices, and other changes that impact developers.

    3. Talk Python to Me: Each week, developer Michael Kennedy explores the Python ecosystem and its many applications. Along the way, he interviews Python enthusiasts from a variety of fields.

    4. The Code Newbie Podcast: The best podcast for developers new to the field.

    5. SyntaxFM: Created by Scott Tolinski & Wes Bos. Each episode, Scott and Wes share web development tools and techniques, and often interview some of the top web developers from the field.

    6. The Indie Hackers Podcast: Courtland has interviewed nearly 200 founders – most of whom started off as full-time developers at other companies who started a project on the side. And many of those side projects bloomed into profitable businesses.

    7. The Changelog: The Changelog is, at this point, an institution. Over the past 11 years, they’ve interviewed the creators of a wide variety of open source projects.

    8. Practical AI: The Practical AI podcast focuses on real-world implementations of machine learning tools. It’s hosted by seasoned practitioners who know what they’re talking about: Data Scientist Daniel Whitenack and Software Engineer Chris Benson.

    9. Developer Tea: This is a great podcast for shorter listening sessions, since most of the episodes only 15 or 20 minutes long. These episodes will leave you energized and ready to get some coding done.

    10. The Ladybug Podcast: In this podcast in addition to hard technical topics, the hosts focus on career growth, personal development, and even have a sort of book club where they all read the same book and discuss it.

    Credits :@sunilc_