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7 Daily hacks for every programmer to code faster and cleaner

    Skilled programmers remain highly valued in the tech world: Developer jobs are typically some of the hardest to fill, and the demand for these types of professionals doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

    Here are 7 ultimate daily hacks for every programmer- both new programmers and industry veterans.

    1. Do that hardest task first
    You have some programming task to complete, and you know that the job is essential and crucial and need more learnings to complete.
    If you keep pushing it later and doing the other more minor task, making you temporarily happy. Still, there will always be the thought of dreadfulness in the back of your mind all day long.

    2. Write down first & then make a chart
    Programming is a way to make your machine understand the flow of the task to execute. This is good practice If you write all the steps.
    After translating your ideas in a text, you can convert those steps into a flow chart that shows the step-by-step flow to execute any problem. Flowchart because it is easier to interpret. Finally, you can convert the flowchart into code segments.

    3. Make code you will remember
    This is a widespread phenomenon. You have written your logic from scratch. But, when you look at the same code after months or years, you realize that code seems unfamiliar.
    The common mistake here that we all make is that we usually forget to write proper comments. We also don’t follow the naming convention properly and define any random variable with any arbitrary name and at any unexpected place to make the code work.
    Give a reasonable amount of time to main proper comments and naming convention.

    4. Create batches for everyday tasks
    You can’t add each functionality, solve every bug, and implement a whole new design, all in a single day. Things need time. Breaking down your project into smaller pieces is the most effective thing you can do to boost your productivity.
    It will make you feel comfortable and will also boost your confidence.

    5. Write useful comments
    Comments are important. You won’t welcome them until you leave your thousand-line script for a couple of days and return to and try and make sense of it.
    Valuable comments can make life easier and more stress-free for you and for and those after you who have to maintain your code.
    Write simple single-line comments; write entire parameter and functionality descriptions for functions and methods. And, for tricky logic blocks, describe the logic in simple words if necessary.

    6. Build a solid foundation
    Build an in-depth knowledge of any one framework. A programmer spends most of the time googling different kinds of errors and their respective solutions. Sometimes, it takes a whole day even to find what the issue is with our code. There comes the need for in-depth knowledge.
    If you get familiarise with the error in advance, then it will be easy to recognize and fix it as soon as possible.

    7. Find a community
    This is the best way to make your life much easier as a programmer. Do join any community over any platform; it can be slack, Facebook, WhatsApp group, or anything. The benefit of joining the community is that you won’t feel alone in this journey.