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5 TV series every coder must watch in 2021

    Although Hollywood has a negative reputation for stereotyping programmers in films in the past, big studios and over-the-top content platforms have now created some of the most realistic TV series that have been validated and certified by legitimate programmers and hackers all around the world.

    Here is a selection of the top television shows that you will undoubtedly like. This list will give you an impression of how fantastic it is if you’ve just started to code:

    1. Silicon Valley
    Mike Judge is the director and creator of the film.

    • Comedy
    • 6 Seasons (53 episodes)
    • 2014–2019 (Original Release)

    This is without a doubt one of the most realistic TV shows ever made for programmers, particularly those working in startups in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area (United States), Sydney (Australia), and Bengaluru (India) (India). The plot centres around a group of software engineers who are having difficulty raising funds for their firm, Pied Piper, despite the fact that their ideas are always revolutionary. This award-winning comedy presentation was inspired by a number of cliches prevalent in today’s startup culture.

    2. Mr Robot
    Sam Esmail is the director and creator of the film.

    • Techno-thriller
    • 4 seasons (45 episodes)
    • Release Dates: 2015–2019

    When Hollywood produces films in which a hacker is played by a cool-looking muscular male or the hacker has a unique haircut with numerous facial tattoos and piercings. Programmers dislike ackers because they have been stereotyped to such a degree. Then there’s Sam Esmail’s award-winning presentation, which made us appreciate cybersecurity engineers and the job they perform to defend IT systems all across the world.

    3. Black Mirror
    Charlie Brooker is the director and creator of this film.

    • Science Fiction, Dystopia, and Anthology
    • 5 seasons (22 episodes)
    • 2011–2019 (Original Release)

    Each episode of this anthology series focuses on technological development and how it may negatively affect human lives. Because the show’s representation of technology makes the future appear terrible, I’d rather watch a horror show (or a movie) than this. The show has gained critical accolades for its storytelling and direction.

    4. Westworld
    Jonathan Nolan, Lisa Joy is the director and creator of this film.

    • Genre: Sci-Fi, Western, Dystopia
    • Seasons: 3*(28 episodes)
    • Original Release: 2016–present

    The story takes place in the 2050s, when a corporation owns and operates a number of amusement parks, including the American Old West-themed ‘Westworld,’ where guests can engage in a Wild Wild West-style simulation with firearms and horses. All of the characters in the amusement park, on the other hand, are androids with advanced artificial intelligence, which leads to some really intriguing challenges that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

    5. Person of interest

    Jonathan Nolan is the director and creator of the film.

    • Sci-fi crime drama
    • 5 seasons (103 episodes)
    • 2011–2016 (Original Release)

    The plot revolves around a mysterious reclusive affluent computer programmer who creates a supercomputer for the US government called “The Machine” to collect sources of information in order to prevent terrorist activities and identify people guilty. Furthermore, the algorithm can detect more criminals and victims of other intentional acts, speeding up the depth of the tale. To stop any threats, he partners up with a former Special Forces soldier and ex-CIA operative.