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Unlock the cheat code to hack web development by learning about these tools.

    The no-code / low-code market size is $ 13- $ 17 Billion today.

    It is expected to skyrocket to $ 58.8 – $ 125.4 Billion by 2027.

    1. @carrd

    Simple, free, fully responsive one-page sites for pretty much anything.


    1. Widgets + Embeds
    2. 3rd Party Integration
    3.  Free for 3 sites
    4. Responsive
    5.  Pre-defined templates

    2. @softr_io

    Build powerful websites, web apps, and client portals on Airtable, in 10 minutes!


    1. Use airtable as a database
    2.  60+ building blocks to choose from
    3. Authentication & User Management Payment Integration


    It’s a sexy landing page builder for startups and no code makers.
    1. Pre-Defined templates
    2. Edit pages online with the visual builder
    3. 3rd Party Integration
    4. Add Custom Code


    Setup a simple notion blog for your indie products. Features:
    1. Setup blogs in 2 minutes
    2. No coding required
    3. Write on your Notion
    4. Custom Domains and branding
    5. Plausible Analytics


    Fastest way to build and deploy a comprehensive backend for your product.
    1. Scalable server, a flexible database
    2.  No code API builder
    3.  Connect To Any Front-End
    4. Integrate & Automate
    5. CRUD made easy


    This is the fastest way to set up a database in minutes making use of airtable.
    Use it when you have fewer data to store on have a directory of data to be displayed, It becomes easy to update the data.

    7. @NotionAPI

    Use notion as your backend, the all-in-one-workspace.
    1.  Retrieve, query & list databases
    2.  Create & retrieve pages, and update properties
    3.  Search pages & databases
    4.  Retrieve & append block children

    8. @gumroad

    Sell Digital products in minutes.
    1. Start selling your digital products in seconds
    2. Collect email addresses and send updates to customers
    3. No need to worry about payment integration

    9. @TallyForms

    he simplest way to create beautiful forms & surveys, for free.
    1.  The best tool to collect unlimited form responses for free
    2.  Customize forms the way you want
    3.  3rd Party Integration


    Zapier is automation made for SMBs. Connect your apps, automate your work, and have more time for what matters most.
    1.  Create workflows
    2. 3000+ Apps Integration
    3.  Simple Workflow maker
    4. Best tool for Automation