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Gmail, Outlook hit by email scams; see how to secure account

    Hackers and fraudsters are constantly looking for new ways of tricking unsuspecting users into clicking on malicious links and stealing their personal information and their money.

    Email scams are not a new phenomenon, in the latest such email scam that has hit Gmail and Outlook users, fraudsters are fooling users by sending them mail that impersonates supermarkets. Once the user clicks any link in that mail, they end up losing their money, private data or both.

    How the scam works:
    These fraudulent emails use very official-looking branding and emails in order to trick users into clicking on the links inside. Users who receive these emails on popular email are being offered lucrative prizes in these emails, in the form of gift cards ‘valid at these stores’. However, in order to ‘claim’ these gift cards, users are told to take part in a short survey first. Users who do click on the survey links end up being the victim.

    How to stay safe from email scams on Gmail, Outlook and more:

    1. Users must make sure that they do not click on any unknown links

    2. Do not open any unknown attachments

    3. Do not enter their personal information on unknown websites

    4. Do not enter email and passwords, especially if it is to participate in a survey.

    Report a phishing email to Gmail

    1. On a computer, go to your Gmail account.

    2. Open the scammy message.

    3. Click on Reply

    4. Click on Report phishing.

    5. Send