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7 Awesome Sites For Front-End Developers You Probably Didn’t Know Existed


    A FREE to use dashboard navigation menu template built with Bootstrap5.


    Beautifully designed Tailwind CSS UI blocks.Flowrift is a library made of beautifully designed Tailwind CSS UI blocks. All blocks are vanilla HTML and work with Tailwind CSS’ default configuration. Go big or go small: Stack blocks on top of each other to build full-page layouts, or selectively copy small code snippets. Your imagination is the only limit.


    Atropos is a lightweight, free, and open-source JavaScript library to create stunning touch-friendly 3D parallax hover effects.

    4.CSS Gradient Editor

    Best CSS gradient generator online. You only need this tool for creating colorful CSS gradient backgrounds and patterns for your website and blog.


    Open-source headless commerce engine for fast-growing businesses.Headless open-source solution enabling you to set up a custom and flexible commerce setup early on in your growth journey.

    6.Libre Logos

    Free and open-source logos. For your startup or open source project.


    Colorffy makes it easy to create gradients, palettes, or random colors. You can save them for later, or you can use the save & copy features.