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6 YouTube channels deep learning enthusiasts should follow

    Deep learning models are transforming businesses by providing learning techniques and real-world solutions based on large data sets. It is good to have skills for today’s machine learning job market. We have listed down the top 6 YouTube resources to learn deep learning for free.

    1. TechGig
    TechGig’s YouTube channel includes discussions on leading news, tips for the data ecosystem in India and a deep dive into concepts like AI/ML, deep learning and neural networks. You can also find the top tech news, listen to podcasts with industry leaders and find new ways to learn and grow your skill set.
    Follow the channel here

    2. Machine Learning with Phil
    Phil Tabor is a machine learning engineer who also produces educational videos on machine learning and deep learning, hosted on his YouTube channel ‘Machine Learning with Phil’. His deep reinforcement learning tutorials playlist mentions the core concepts of reinforcement learning like deep deterministic policy gradients in TensorFlow 2, Soft actor-critics in PyTorch and Robotic Control with TD3.

    3. Kaggle
    Kaggle’s YouTube channel has explained videos along with interviews with data scientists, lessons, and insightful tips. Their crisp short videos give an overview of the tricks, experiments, and implementations of AI/ML practices.

    4. Lex Fridman
    Lex Fridman’s ML series is one of the most comprehensive informative series for machine learning on YouTube. Lex Fridman is an AI researcher for autonomous vehicles, human-robot interaction, and machine learning at MIT.

    5. Data School
    Kevin Markham is the founder of and the owner of the YouTube channel Data School. He is a machine learning and python specialist and has worked as a data science instructor and developer. His YouTube channel for ML enthusiasts gives a comprehensive overview of data science in easy to understand language.

    6. Deep Lizard
    Run by Mandy and Chris, Deep Lizard videos explain complicated deep learning and ML topics in a simple way. Their series explains fundamental deep learning and artificial neural networks concepts- for beginners.