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Best Open Source Programs For Students/Professionals to Participate

    1. Digital Ocean Hacktoberfest

    The main idea over here is that there’s no such thing as a selection criterion in this particular program. So, this is very useful for individuals, in particular, who are just starting out with open source.

    2. Google Summer of Code (GSoC)

    A program that aims OSS development among university students. There are a few organizations and these organizations have mentors. First, the organizations apply to Google and after the organizations are selected then the students apply.

    3. MLH Fellowship

    A 12-week remote program where students collaborate on Open Source projects that align their personal interests with the general requirements of the industry and students can participate from their homes.

    4. Google Season of Docs (GSoD)

    A program by Google where technical writers and open source organizations come together and work on open source projects. The technical writers write documentation for open source organizations and also get paid by Google.

    5. Outreachy

    A really great program for students that aims to support diversity in open source. It is sort of a remote internship of 3 months and only a handful number of students are selected. Projects focus on programming, documentation, project marketing, etc.

    6. Season of KDE

    The participants of the Season of KDE program have not only contributed new features, but they are also responsible for developing KDE Continuous Integration System, ported KDE Applications, documentation, and various other things.

    7. Open Mainframe Project Mentorship Program

    if you’re interested in the mainframe and all these things you can definitely check that out. You’ll also help in contributing to open source projects which will make it easier for infrastructure applications to run on the mainframe.

    8. FOSSASIA Codeheat

    Codeheat is a coding contest and here the mentors are developers, professors, or contributors who like to share and become a part of the FOSSASIA open source community. Codeheat is separated into two-month periods and after each period winners are announced.

    9. Linux Kernel Mentorship Program

    It offers a structured remote learning opportunity to people who are aspiring to be Linux kernel developers. People who have experience as a Linux kernel developer mentor the volunteering mentees and help them in becoming a contributor.