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6 FREE Amazing Websites To Help You Escape Tutorial Hell As A Front-End Developer

    1- Front-End Mentor

    Improve your front-end coding skills by building real projects

    The wonderful thing about this website is that they give you nice-looking designs right from the beginning

    So you don’t need to worry about anything other than making it happen They organize all their challenges by difficulty level.

    Solve real-world HTML, CSS and JavaScript challenges whilst working to professional designs. Join 233,327 developers building projects, reviewing code, and helping each other get better.


    2- Codewars

    Codewars opens up the door to a whole bunch of different languages coding challenges With codewars you try to find solutions to coding problems to build up your skills and improve your problem-solving ability.

    3- Frontend Practice

    It provides a curated list of websites that look nice and they would be a good practice to build and it encourages you to try and clone those sites

    The focus isn’t to clone an entire website but specific pages that boost your skills.

    4- Style Stage

    It is focused on developing your CSS Skills exclusively The whole idea behind is that you start with an HTML file and it’s up to you to do whatever you want with it with CSS

    It’s about unleashing your creativity on a Simple HTML File.

    5- Codewell

    This one is similar to the 1st website on this list. You can browse high-quality Figma templates that you can use to sharpen your HTML and CSS skills.

    They provide many templates for FREE just like Front-End Mentor.

    6- devChallenges

    This one helps you build real-life projects and solve practical tasks. The website provides 3 paths and the Front-End is one of them and it includes 8 real-life projects.

    You can use any Front-end framework for each project.