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10 Google Chrome Extensions you must try as a Web Developer

    1. Responsive Web Design Tester

    RWDT plugin lets you test your web page design on all screens, it’s a quick and easy way to test your responsive website.Responsive Web Design Tester is a quick and easy way to test your responsive website. … Quickly preview your websites design at the dimensions they will be seen on popular devices. This extension also uses the correct User-Agent, but it does not render web pages in the same way as the mobile device.

    2. Full Page Screen Capture

    FPSC plugin is used to screenshot an entire web page and save screenshots in PDF or PNG formats.

    3. Light House

    The Lighthouse plugin is an open source automated tool whose goal is to improve the tool, quality, and health of your web applications, so that Lighthouse runs a set of tests on the page, and then generates a report on how well the page is performing.

    4. Css Peeper

    The Css Peeper plugin is used to view and inspect CSS and create a rich style guide.

    CSS Peeper is a browser extension that is a CSS viewer and is tailored for Designers. Using this designers can focus on design, and spend as little time as possible digging in code. What’s the line height, button, or font size on a website?

    5.Json Viewer

    Json Viewer add-on with which you can print JSON and JSONP. It helps you to coordinate and beautify the data!

    6. ColorPick Eyedropper

    Do you struggle to know a specific color code? The ColorPick Eyedropper will provide you with an A click on the element that will copy the color of the selected element to the clipboard.

    7. What Font

    What Font makes font viewing much easier. It lets you hover over text to quickly discover it’s font-family.

    8. React Developer

    Tools It provides a rich UI where we can monitor the flows of events in your React components. Enables you to check properties and state of React components, change properties, and see changes through components.

    9. Lambda Test

    This extension does it all for you. It enables you to take screenshots of your webpages across different browsers, both on desktop and mobile.

    10. Library Sniffer

    LibrarySniffer helps a whole lot with that. This tool will provide you with details on a webpage, whether it is running on React, Vue, etc.