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Virtual RAM explained: What’s the hype about

    Samsung joins the club of brands offering memory expansion technology. Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G is getting a RAM upgrade to up to 4GB thanks to a new software update called RAM Plus.

    Samsung recently rolled out a new software update for Galaxy A52s 5G that comes with RAM Plus feature or simply facilitating virtual RAM. With this, the users of Galaxy A52s 5G will get 4GB of virtual RAM. The device comes with 6GB RAM and 8GB RAM variants. Now, with the extra 4GB of virtual RAM, you may think that the device will offer 10GB or 12GB of RAM. But that’s not how virtual RAM in mobiles work.

    The concept of virtual RAM is quite popular in PCs but for smartphones it works a bit differently. With other major brands like Oppo, Xiaomi, Realme and OnePlus also considering virtual RAMs in smartphones, we can expect to see this feature in more smartphones launching in 2022.

    What is virtual RAM
    The RAM helps a device in getting work done. It decides how fast apps operate on your phone.
    On the other hand, the purpose of storage is to keep data stored.
    Combine these two, you get virtual RAM. Virtual RAM is a tech that uses software to make a tiny fraction of the storage memory to support RAM or memory.

    But don’t get confused! If a brand is offering 4GB of virtual RAM, this doesn’t mean your phone’s RAM is 4GB. It just means that the storage unit of your phone has a 4GB space dedicated to RAM.
    A phone with 8GB RAM will be more efficient and fast than a device with 6GB RAM + 4GB of virtual RAM.

    What’s the use of virtual RAM in phones
    The primary purpose of having virtual RAM is to make memory management better. With apps and games increasing in size, having virtual RAM will help your phone to keep more apps open on the RAM. This means when you switch from one to another or when you are multitasking, you will be able to continue from where you left it for a longer period of time.

    Is Virtual RAM really effective or just a marketing gimmick?
    Virtual RAM doesn’t increase the amount of RAM available on a smartphone, but makes it a lot more efficient in managing a task. You can consider Virtual RAM as an intern for the main RAM module. In that sense, the technology is super useful and doesn’t seem like a gimmick at all.