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How to enable Google’s latest dark mode

    Google Search just got a new Dark Mode on desktop that will make the website easier to use at night. With its minimal contrast ratio for readability, the darker version of Google Search will help users reduce eye strain.

    Here’s how you can switch between the new Dark Mode settings for Google Search on desktop.

    How to enable Dark Mode on Google Search

    Step 1: Go to the Google homepage, or simply type in ‘’

    Step 2: In the bottom right of the Google Homepage, you should see a ‘Settings’ button. Click on it. In the menus that will spring up, navigate to Search Settings/ Appearance.

    Step 3: You should see three options here. ‘Device Default’ as the name suggests, will sync your Google Search theme with that of your desktop. Meanwhile, Light or Dark theme options will force the page to stick to one mode. Choose whichever option you like and it should be in effect immediately.

    Google Search has had Dark Mode on the mobile app for a while now, the feature has come to desktop users as well. Note that the rollout began from September 9 and if you still don’t see the option to switch to Dark Mode, it should be rolled out to you soon.