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5 Tech roles that didn’t exist a decade ago

    With time, the companies are facing tremendous changes in the market but what should not surprise us is that there are job roles that were not in the market a decade back. Here are some of them that are a bit new but popular.

    One of the major questions that everyone asks is what are the job roles that will go obsolete in the market in the coming years. However, no one asks what are the new job roles that were not there a decade back but are a vital part of the market in the current time. Things have changed over time and there are so many new job roles introduced in the market over a decade.

    Generation Z is packed with digital prowess with voluminous data right at the fingertip. From fast-paced digital transformation, online-based services, and flexible jobs, companies have introduced several jobs.

    Here are some of the most popular tech job roles that didn’t exist a decade ago.

    1. Cloud Architect
    Cloud Computing has become the necessity of the time with companies depending on it amid the pandemic. The companies are now designing cloud adoption plans, developing commuting strategies, and establishing cloud management that can make a difference.

    2. Big Data Analyst

    We are witnessing companies use the buzzword, Big Data, for a long period of time. The increase in data has made companies depend on it to make informed decisions. Due to this, the demand for big data analysts has increased to create algorithms and systems that can help companies to understand the datasets.

    3. Driverless Car Engineer
    These professionals are working on driverless cars that are holding the attention of the market. However, with the demand ruling in the market, engineers are also evolving with time.

    4. Blockchain Developer
    Blockchain was a new and unpopular technology domain earlier but it gained hype in 2009 with the Bitcoin concept in the market. However, the company didn’t depend on it and ignored it until recently when it started to rule the market. However, now the Blockchain developer has become the need of time.

    5. Career in IoT
    The Internet of Things has become the major scene in the market with companies embracing it. IoT is predicted to rule the maximum market by 2022 that has made major career options for IoT experts to rule the market.