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5 Essential tips to prepare for your tech interview

    Do you have an interview planned in an IT firm? Well, it is essential to know the major tips that can help you to crack the interview.

    A majority of freshers or tech graduates want to join the company of their dreams. Even many working professionals want to work with top tech giants around the world. To reach that end goal, one is required to go through the “ INTERVIEW PROCESS”!!

    Yes, you heard it right. Not only this, a candidate would require to crack their multiple interview rounds. A techie needs to be ready to face technical and non-technical questions from them. However, preparing for these tech interview rounds is not an easy task, especially for the freshers. No, we are not scaring you, it’s not difficult as it looks. An applicant can conveniently prepare for the tech interviews.

    Here are some of the tips to prepare for your tech interview:

    1. Have a good command of the preferred programming language
    This one is very important for a techie and one needs to understand the programming fundamentals. If you are willing to work on the job profiles such as SDE, Software Tester, Web Developer, etc. then you must need a command of coding or programming skills. However, there are numerous programming languages to choose from such as Python, Java, C++, Swift, etc. but you are not required to know all of them but at least 1 or 2 relevant programming languages.

    2. Do more than just read the company’s ‘About Us’ page
    A candidate must know how to research the company, its history, products, services, and more. However, the information about the company is not just limited to the ‘About Us’ page. But it would be better if you dig a bit deeper when preparing for your technical interview. Doing this will set you apart from the competition and make you familiar with the company. Also, research job titles and the person who is going to take your interview.

    3. Practice answering competency-based questions
    The interviewer will prepare the questions based on your achievements and the specific projects on which you have worked. Therefore, there are 100% chances that you will encounter competency-based questions from an interviewer. So, you must always mention your specifics in the resume and always revisit your resume before your interview. However, preparing a self-questionnaire according to your competencies can also help.

    4. Prepare yourself for technical interview questions
    There are also chances that the interviewer might have a separate round to check your technical knowledge and ask questions such as – “What source control do you use?”, “What is the difference between an interface and an abstract class in Java?”. To know about more such questions, you can visit websites such as Jobbuzz, to get an idea of the type of questions.

    5. Soft skills can get you there too
    Since the COVID-19 pandemic entered our lives in 2020, we all needed certain soft skills to survive the deadly situation. Those with emotional intelligence and with a team-spirited attitude were praised a lot. Therefore, the interviewer will also judge some of the crucial non-tech skills such as communication, problem-solving, decision-making, research & analysis, collaboration, and others.