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Best Google Chrome Extensions for Web Designers and Developers!!

    There is no doubt that Chrome is the most widely used browser across the globe. The Chrome Webstore offers a wealth of useful extensions to web developers and web designers alike that
    provide valuable functionality.


    Take a snap and annotate any webpage you load in Chrome with the Use ot Usersnap. The extension makes it easy to give visual teedback and report bugs. All your screenshots are saved instantly in the project’s dashboard. This extension is also utilized on a daily basis by Google,
    Facebook, and Microsoft developers.


    Loom allows you to create videos straight from your browser as well as capture screencasts. This easy-to-use extension features complete desktop recording including front-face cameras. It also provides unlimited storage for all your video files and allows video sharing anywhere via an embedded HTML code. .The great thing about Loom is that it encourages customer engagement by allowing them to comment or react to your videos.

    Window Resizer

    Window Resizer is a useful extension for web designers in creating a responsive website design. It lets you resize any window browser to see the ditterent resolutions ot various sizes ot the screen.

    Site Palette

    If you see a website using colors that capture your attention, you can take advantage of it with Site Palette. The extension can obtain the main colors used by that site and then produce a shareable palette that you can show to associates easily.

    Evernote Web Clipper

    Save anything you want online. Whether it is something you find interesting and inspiring or tor research purposes, you can save all of them in your Evernote account, including images, links, and text with one simple click. Even if the original content is deleted online, you will have it forever.

    The Great Suspender

    If you are a web developer or designer that has numerous tabs always open, The Great Suspender is perfect for you. All activities of unused tabs are put to halt by the extension ensuring that unnecessary resources are not being utilized to run pages that are dormant.


    Create designs to export as a CSS tile which you can use on your website with the help of CSS-Shack. This robust Chrome extension contains a wide array of tools Ilike those trom a normal photo editor and it also provides layer support.

    Grammarly for Chrome

    This Al-powered extension is usetul tor correctly communicating with people. Grammarly is used by millions every day to make content, social media posts, documents, and messages tree trom errors and mistakes.

    Click and Clean

    Web developers need to clear the cache and browsing history throughout web development when using specific frameworks as CSS changes do not get executed with retreshing the page. Click and Clean lets you clean everything with a single click, it also gives you the option to ohoose which ones to clean or keep such as plugin data and cookies on a particular site.